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Monday, June 21, 2010


Preparing for a long outdoor journey is no joke! Whether you are about to climb the highest peaks or getting ready to be awed by the breath-taking Grand Canyon at dawn, you will need a lot of water. And when you’re not quite sure what you’ll find, you need the tools that you can rely on. So grab all the essentials you may need to enjoy the wildlife while going light on those buckets and buckets of water. Because if you are one true climber, hiker or other back-country enthusiast, you definitely only need one and the most comprehensive Water Treatment & Hydration solution, that is as enthusiastic as you are at keeping you hydrated anywhere on earth.

Instead of targeting active people at large, the campaign targets only those who are serious recreation lovers, outdoor addicts or wildlife photographers, who need a lightweight, heavy use, versatile treatment for all demanding water conditions. They take regular and extensive expedition journeys, and are eco-conscious. They do their packing accordingly to maximize safety, efficiency, and mobility and minimize inconvenience. Thus, the campaign offers 2-page spreads of breath-taking landscape references in magazines such as Outdoor Photographer, Urban Climber, Backpacker, National Geographic Adventure, Rapid, Outside, Climbing, or Camping Life for those who appreciate marvelous scenery.

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