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Friday, June 4, 2010


In February, 2008, Animal Planet "relaunched" itself under a new image that "sheds its soft and furry side for programming and an image with more bite." As part of the relaunch, Animal Planet replaced their elephant and spinning globe logo for a starker text image that allows more flexibility in its usage.The goal is to move from being perceived by viewers as paternalistic, preachy, and observation-based to being seen as active, entertaining and edgy. That means targeting adults 25-49, rather than full families, with less voice-of-God narration and more visceral imagery and sounds. Therefore, this campaign expands to viewer ranges to a new unusual group of adults and can be launched in home furnishings/interior publications to target those who love to incorporate nature and wildlife elements in their home decors.


  1. Heyy I like this a lot! Love the colors, simplicity and their composition!!
    Great job!!